Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell is the first in a pending, six book saga merging a world of dark fantasy and zombie gore with the real one right outside your doors. My goal was to bring the fantasy elements of something as timeless as LOTR into a contemporary setting with characters to match. I'm literally transforming your everyday world into one of my own sadistic designs. To do this not only requires an obscene amount of written words, but also a Godlike power in the hands of a sociopathic witch. A soul aged like rotting fruit, this reincarnated witch with dreams of a throne of human bones finally completes her spell cast centuries past to begin the transformation of Earth to a new Hell.

Her sole motivation: avoiding being damned to the underworld by the first Christian settlers of the Americas. Why rot in the Pit when you can rule over your own? Exploiting the loophole, her spell to raise the dead and conquer the world is only the beginning. She'll need to completely alter the rules of reality to escape her fate and be Queen in a Hell of her creation. Her power comes from her blood, and the blood sacrifices of her own line she's offered in exchange for it. Unknowingly, those who share in her bloodline also have a power in this world. An orphaned brother and sister find themselves intertwined in the happenings of something beyond they're understanding, and search for the strength within to survive it. In addition to fantasy and zombie gore, this first novel revolves around two semi-professional hockey teams and follows their undead and still-living ventures throughout.

Action, comedy, gore, and fantasy all collide between two cover-pages to knock the contemporary zombie world on its ass and offer up an alternative to the typical, shuffling undead, and fighting against famine and disease. There is no contagion. There are no squabbles between the living for scraps of food and shelter. Humans are not the most conniving of adversaries in this undead world. These zombies are not decoration for background horror. They are the bad guys... Except for the ones who aren't. Indulge in a world so twisted that mankind's only hope may in fact rest in the hands of a crew of undead misfits fueled by the righteous resolve of a child of Blood Magik. Suffice it to say, there's a pretty good chance that everyone is basically fucked. Enjoy the ride.

A construct of tales untold, Corwyn Matthew is not a man, but a vessel hosting an abyssal entity that feeds on wonderment and imagination. This formless being inhabiting the skin of an average Joe channels creativity through the pecking of keys to bring structure to dreams. Desperate for a world where art conquers greed, the Construct thrives on bold concepts, hard work, and sugary snacks. Please refrain from feeding the Construct, however, for it is weak of will and easily swayed.