Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell MONSTER MOVIE! Edition

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Whose name am I blaspheming with my grotesque chicken scratch? (write No Name for just the autograph alone)


NEW! This black-and-white, Monster Movie edition of Blood MAgik: A Cold Day in Hell is the updated version of the novel with (slightly) less typos and improved flow! ON SALE for those who need to get on board before BOOK TWO terrorizes your wallets come late October (2019). Just another art-inspired concept, this edition is something fun and fresh and unheard of in the Book industry! In addition to it's crisp new look (an homage to old school horror), it has a plethora of added lines including a few new jokes, vividly scripted imagery, and is an overall much smoother reading experience! Snatch one up soon while this first batch still has an error within the first two page (goddamn it...). Can you find it? There are less than 100 of these error copies printed; after they're gone the correction will be made. So GET BIT!! And enjoy. \m/ -cm

When Blood Magik reigns…sweat-glazed jocks and the ravenous undead storm the Earth!

Yeah… Sorry to say, but you read that right.

Zombies and Hockey are just two elements fanning the most preposterous hellfire ever to be set aflame in your commendable collection of literature. But the sport itself is only a breeding ground for our unlikely apocalyptic do-gooders to be, and these zombies ain’t the zombies your droids were looking for…or, so to speak…

When the Ravenous Undead can plot, scheme, connive, tell crappy jokes and laugh at their own lacking wit, a New Hell is awakened in the congested bowels of Los Angeles…

O, the ensuing horror!

A once human witch turned Demon Priestess, whose blood fuels an army of the dead, constructs a new throne to rule in a Hell on Earth of her own, and only those unassuming bystanders who share her bloodline prove to be somewhat immune to her influence. But will this brother and sister team of LA orphans be enough to alter Earth’s destiny?

Not by a long shot.

Witness the birth of a pack of improbable heroes as they brave the dawn of an unending night…or would it be the “evening of…”? Regardless; death, mayhem, blood-magik, senseless vulgarity, and aimful brutality unavoidably supervene.Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell…is only the beginning.

And, yeah…we’re sorry for that too.