Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell, Pure Art DAMAGED DISCOUNT

$24.00 $9.99


DISCOUNTED FOR MINOR DAMAGE TO BACK COVERS. These copies fell victim to a lamentation-process problem that left striations of the back cover in various degrees. Most are hardly significant, but I designed the book to be visually attractive in this Pure Art form, so when 100 or so came out damaged it was a big disappointment. I don't feel right selling these at full price so I'm discounting them as much as I can without loosing money on fees and production. The least damaged (scraped or nicked) copies will go out first, the more noticeably damaged ones next. All are 100% readable and part of the original low-print-run of only 500 copies, plus signed by me, the author (no inscriptions). No damage to the front cover of these.