A Christmas Carcassing 6 x 9 Signed Paperback NOW AVAILABLE!

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It’s beginning to look a lot like, Holy-bleeding-balls-of-Ol’-St.Nick-what-the-$#!&-is-going-on?!!

Shawn and Marvin want what any teenage boys want: dank weed, fresh PS4 games, and the occasional lady-parts to brush up against after class. But this Christmas season someone screwed the pooch on checking their lists and delivered all the right parts to all the wrong places.

When two entirely toasted young gamers find themselves up to their blunts in bodies and Christmas gore, the smart money’s on cleaning up the melee and conspicuously going about their day. Stumbling through their winter break, smoking away all their bloody troubles, these two baked beans have no choice but to grin and bear the morbid reality they find themselves in and hope they make it to Christmas morning without looking at a lifelong sentence wrapped in a maximum-security ward.

So, slip into your galoshes and weather wary attire! This holiday season is going to leave you sopping in reds and buried in greens!

Smoke, dispose, retreat, repeat!

A Christmas Carcassing is brutalizing a small town near you!

A 6 x 9 matte finish paperback with 228 pages of blunted, gory goodness for (nearly) the whole family! Get in on the beginning of Shawn & Marv's Holiday Horrors here with their first festive-flavored, horror adventure.