Lazarus Chronicles #1 w/ Special Edition and COA

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Killer stuff from Bud Root (Cavewoman). Variant is limited to 450 copies w/COA. Books are in great shape with the only significant flaw being the small white spot at the dude's knee on the variant cover. Other than that they're both easily NM. HARD-TO-FIND issues! Books come bagged & boarded, and will be shipped securely to prevent damage. See pics for details. 


Special Edition. Limited to 450 copies. Includes Amryl Entertainment Certificate of Authenticity. by Budd Root & Rob Durham This is a new zombie book with a twist! Mankind's fate is at hand after several leading specialists in nanotechnology are mysteriously killed in a lab explosion while running tests on a microscopic robot capable of almost doubling the average human lifespan. By some bizarre twist of fate the dead have been given a second life. Humanity must now battle an ever-growing horde of ravenous nanite zombies who must feast on the living, as the nanites need fresh material to repair their hosts decaying forms. The nanites spread with every attack, and those fortunate enough to survive an encounter with the dead will still find themselves carriers of the techno plague. Now, the remaining humans are destined to live out two normal lifetimes with this ever-increasing threat, proving they are no longer at the top of the food chain. Budd Root (Cavewoman) provides the fantastic zombie cover! Don't miss this! You'll regret for the rest of the week! Possibly longer!!