Re-Animator 18" x 24" Mounted Poster w/ Border by Anomaly


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The first of its kind, I designed an artistic border to match the poster's color and style so to fit this classic work of art onto a 18" x 24" foam board. I also signed the back with my design signature in case, in the future, my particular styles catch on and become collectibles. This is the first of its kind and is signed by me as "Anomaly" with "1" added to it to signify it being such. And, in addition, this is also the first ever signature of its kind (signified with the added "st" after the "1". No other firsts will have the "st".) If this ain't a collectible...well, it still looks damn cool... Enjoy! 

 Mounted Poster

• 5 mm thick foam board material
• Rigid, durable and lightweight, with a matte finish
• Easily mount to a wall using Command™ Strips
• Rigid, durable and lightweight with a matte finish