Re-Animator Japanese Release Mounted Poster w/ Border by Anomaly 18 x 24

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Another First of its kind! Border designed by Anomaly (me) for a unique, artistic look and only available through Yours Truly! Unfortunately, the poster went head-to-head with the wind and came out of the scuffle a little worse for wear. There's a small dent on the bottom front that's hardly visible (detailed in third pic), a scuffed-up back corner, not visible from the front, and some minor soilage on the back (all detailed further in the pics). The wind, as obnoxious as it can be, only managed to slightly delude this poster's morbid beauty, but I knocked a few dollars of its price for good measure. There's a possibility I will make more of these (this currently being the only one of its kind; literally), but this one is signed with the "1" to signify its stature as the First so, if you wanna save a few bucks and get a possible future collectible, this is how to do it. The choice is yours, my fiends. Choose wisely. 

Mounted Poster
• 5 mm thick foam board material
• Rigid, durable and lightweight, with a matte finish
• Easily mount to a wall using Command™ Strips
• Rigid, durable and lightweight with a matte finish