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The Walking Dead #4 VF Image Comics Hard-to-find early issue. Great looking copy!  I bought this book in very fine condition and as far as I know it has not been professionally graded. Uncertified grade! There are several very small dings along the spine and a scratch on the cover. For my best guess, this book will grade at an 8.0.  Look at pics carefully. What you see is what you get. No returns. Book will be shipped securely in a box to prevent any damage, and the shipping price for this one is higher than others because it will be shipped with insurance coverage, Priority Mail.

Issue synopsis:
It's decided that in order to survive... every person at the camp should have guns. As it is, they don't have enough to go around and the only place to get more guns is the city, but it means certain death to go into the city. Is Rick crazy enough to risk his life for the good of the camp?