Zombeavers 11 x 17 Poster w/ Heavy Cardstock

$7.00 $5.00


An 11 x 17 bitey little promo poster on paper stock thick enough to give even a zombie beaver's teeth a challenge. The upside of this stock: extra durable and less likely to crease or tear. The down side: it's shipped in a tube (rolled up) so takes more effort to get it to lay flat. If you're framing it the you're good to go. But if it's getting taped or pinned on a wall you may need to bury it under some heavy books for a day or two to be sure it doesn't pull your tape from the wall with its curvature. But since it's heavier stock, putting things on top of it isn't much of a risk. Overall, with some patience, this is a good way to go to be sure your poster endures the coming of the New Hell (or other such apocalyptic scenarios). Also, the last of this batch took some very minor damage at a con; the top corners are slightly bent (see second pic), and some have a few little scratches on the print (see third pic) so I lowered the original selling price from $7 to $5 for your consideration. Enjoy!